FAST Industry Day

Thursday 25 October 2018 | 2 - 8 pm

Abbey Road Studios, London

FAST Industry Day

FAST: Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption

Music’s changing fast: FAST is changing music. Showcasing the culmination of five years of digital music research, FAST (Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies) is hosting an invite only industry day at Abbey Road Studios on Thursday 25 October, 2 – 8 pm.

Presented by Professor Mark Sandler, Director of the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London, the event will showcase to artists, journalists and industry professionals the next generation technologies that will shape the music industry – from production to consumption.

Projects on show include MusicLynx – a web AI app for journeys of discovery through the universe of music; Climb! – an intelligent game-based music composition and performance; tools for interlinking composition and immersive experience, and many more. Plus, Grateful Live – a unique online fanzine for Grateful Dead fans to learn more about the band, the music and their concerts. All the research comes from the labs of 3 of the UK’s top universities:  Queen Mary’s Centre for Digital Music, Nottingham’s Mixed Reality Lab and Oxford’s e-Research Centre.

The programme will consist of an exciting afternoon and evening of talks and demonstrations, and an expert panel discussion.

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On Wednesday 2 May, FAST team members from the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, Alo Allik and Josh



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