As part of collaborative research between both designers and computer scientists at the University of Nottingham, this new interaction technology relies on drawing and creativity to drive it. To discover more about each FAST demonstrator download the ‘artcodes’ app from the App Store or Google Play. Once installed, open the app and search for “FAST” then simply scan the Demonstrators artcode using your smartphone or tablet.

To help you discover more information about the work presented at the FAST Industry day we are using a new ‘scannable’ interaction technology that relies on drawing and creativity to drive it. We call this artcodes.

After you have downloaded the app, use your phone to scan the images by holding your phone screen over the image.  You can see a selection of these on our FAST record. They may all look the same, but scan them all to find out more about the demo you see. HINT: make sure the whole image is inside the square screen for it to be read. More information on using the app can be found at