18: Ada Lovelace “Numbers into Notes”

Demonstrator 35: Ada Lovelace “Numbers into Notes”

David De Roure, Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford
Pip Willcox, Oxford e-Research Centre and Centre for Digital Scholarship, University of Oxford

In a series of experiments under the banner of “numbers into notes” we have explored the use of algorithmically generated music fragments co-created with human performer or audience. An online app, and also standalone microcontroller-based devices, are used to generate sequences which are manipulated and incorporated in performance or interactive experiences. In a performance at the Royal Northern College of Music, audience members used the tool to create music fragments which were performed by musicians. The tool informs the Digital Music Objects and Workflows workthreads, in particular through performance capture and generating provenance graphs for the generated music. It also forms part of a broader provocation around automation and instruments within the broader context of the project.

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Listen to our short piece of music for harp, released on Ada Lovelace Day 2018, which is composed of algorithmically generated fragments using the Numbers Into Notes software.


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The Ada Sketches Numbers into Notes performance in Oxford in 2015 was also supported by the AHRC Transforming Musicology project.