25: Production Workflow in the Studio

Music production in the studio typically consists of preparation, recording, editing and post-production stages which lead to the release of a track or album. Each of these stages are highly labour intensive while facilitating the work of producers and engineers using novel technologies present unique challenges. This demonstrator focusses on music labelling in the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to help navigation or editing in the context of multitrack audio editing and navigation. The demonstrator uses a cloud-based infrastructure linked to a DAW. Uploaded audio content is analyses and feature labels such as keys, chords, tempo or the name of predominant instruments are returned and displayed in the DAW interface for the benefit of the user. These labels may help importing projects from different recording environments failing to propagate metadata or help navigating around the project for the benefit of a post-production engineer or music artist. The attached diagram shows three audio tracks with automatically extracted metadata including instrument classes (displayed in the side bar) and content based annotation (displayed above each track).