32: FXive: Procedural Sound Effect Generation

FXive: Procedural sound effect generation, a transformative innovation for sound design across the Creative Industries

Josh Reiss, Queen Mary University of London


FXive is a real-time online sound effect generation service. It replaces the reliance on sound effect sample libraries in sound design with use of lightweight and versatile sound synthesis models. Sounds are shaped at the point of creation towards any desired goal. The sound synthesis models in FXive are procedural; they do not require any stored samples and they provide a rich range of sounds.

This system is live at https://fxive.com (requires the Chrome browser), a web platform for sound effect synthesis.

Biographical Notice:

Josh Reiss is a professor of audio engineering with Queen Mary’s Centre for Digital Music. His previous start-up company, LandR, is now highly successful, with almost 2 million subscribers to its online automatic music mastering service.