33: Climb! Performance Archive

Chris Greenhalgh, Adrian Hazzard, Steve Benford, Kevin R. Page, Mengdie Lin, University of Nottingham; David M. Weigl, Kevin R. Page, University of Oxford; Maria Kallionpää – Composer, Aalborg University


The Climb! Performance Archive is an online archive of historic performances of Climb! for Disklavier and Electronics. The archive enables interactive navigation and comparison of performances of this non-linear work.


Many concert performances are captured (officially or unofficially by audience members) and subsequently uploaded to a host of distributed websites such as youtube to be re-lived by fans and performers after the event. This demonstrator is interested in online archives that contain multiple performances of the same work, where performance media and associated metadata are presented in ways that enables continued engagement.

This archive demonstrator uses an associated FAST demonstrator – Climb! for Disklavier and Electronics ­­– as a use case. The underlying system used in concert performances of Climb! (i.e. associated demonstrators 19: Musicodes and 24: MELD) logs the details of every performance, including the route taken through the piece and the musical codes that are played. These logs are uploaded directly from the performance system at the end of a performance to the archive. Manually curated metadata and audio / visual recordings of each performance are the combined with the system logs to create this richly indexed online archive of every performance of the work. This online archive allows audience and performers to engage with the work in new ways, such as selecting whole performances or just individual sections; comparing sections between performances; or creating their own unique route (playlist) through the piece by combining parts of different performances.

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Benford, S., Greenhalgh, C., Hazzard, A., Chamberlain, A., Kallionpaa, M., Weigl, D.M., Page, K.R. and Lin, M. Designing the Audience Journey Through Repeated Experiences. In: 2018 ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 21st-26th April 2018, Montreal, Canada.

Kallionpaa, Maria and Greenhalgh, Chris and Hazzard, Adrian and Weigl, David M and Page, Kevin R and Benford, Steve (2017) Composing and Realising a Game-like Performance for Disklavier and Electronics. In: NIME 2017: New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2017, 15-18 May 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Climb archive 1 - M playing from video closeup

Maria Kallionpää performing Climb!