9: Notes and Chords

Ken O’Hanlon, Queen Mary University of London


Harmonic visualiser is a high-resolution audio analysis tool affording detailed descriptions of musical notes which can then be manipulated in a variety of ways. CView performs automatic recogntion of chords in music, and allows reauthoring of the transcriptions.


Harmonic Visualiser

  • High-resolution audio analysis using Harmonic Sinusoids (HS)
  • HS model provides a rich description of audio
  • HS can be easily manipulated to produce effects on musical notes
  • Rich vibrato description and manipulation


    • Automatic chord recognition software
    • Playback of track and estimated track
    • Allows manipulation of automatic chord labels
    • Further structure in music can be found

Biographical Notice:

Ken O’Hanlon is a postdoctoral researcher at C4DM. His research focusses on processing musical signals to extract meaningful and useful information.