Oct 21st 2015

C4DM team present at Audio Mostly

At the recent Audio Mostly conference, the C4DM team presented their Moodplay experience project: “Moodplay: An Interactive Mood‐Based Musical Experience”.  (Paper reference: Barthet, M., Fazekas, G, Allik, A., Sandler, M.,…


Oct 19th 2015

Humanising music technology

Kingston University, Monday 16 November 2015, 13:30 to 20:00 hrs (GMT) This event focuses on the role of technology in our engagement with music and the intricate relationship between technology…


Oct 28th 2015

Open Symphony selected to join Audience Labs

The Open Symphony project reimagines the music experience for a digital age, fostering alliances between performer and audience and our digital selves. It has been developped recently by Mathieu Barthet…