FAST visit at the DOREMUS meeting, 28-29 Sept, Lille

doremus-frontThe DOing REusable MUSical data (DOREMUS) research project is a French project that aims at improving music description to foster music exchange and reuse and enhancing the user experience for musical archives of France’s largest institutions.

The postdoctoral researcher and FAST member Thomas Wilmering (Centre for Digital Music) gave a one-hour presentation at the DOing REusable MUSical data meeting. He introduced the FAST project research related to metadata, ontologies and semantic audio for musical archives.

Present at the meeting were the main investigators of the project (approx. 20 people). The audience consisted primarily of professional practitioners, industry/business and postgraduate students from different French institutions, including universities, companies and libraries.

The purpose of the visit was to exchange ideas about metadata for musical archives. The DOREMUS and FAST project are related in several areas. Discussions covered ontology design and the role of semantic audio for musical archives. Several members of the audience reported that they were made aware of the significance of semantic audio analysis of musical archive content.