Jan 6th 2016

FACT – Carolan guitar blog post (52)

by Steven Benford, Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham The turning of the year is always a time for reflection and for thinking of friends and family. So first of…


Jun 7th 2016

FAST in full force at the ACM’s annual Computer-Human Interaction conference

By Steve Benford, Mixed Reality Lab, Nottingham University and Mathieu Barthet, Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London The FAST project was in full force at the ACM’s annual Computer-Human Interaction…


May 9th 2016

Professor Steve Benford announces ‘Artcodes’

Our partner from Nottingham, Professor Steve Benford, Mixed Reality Lab, just announced Artcodes – “the greatly extended and rebranded Aestheticodes app”. The Carolan guitar connects to its digital record through…